O brave new world that has such publishers in it!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and countrymen, I am immensely pleased to unveil my nascent brainchild, Hyperborea Publishing, an independent book and e-book publisher based in Canada. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read our first blog post.

Hyperborea has been established in response to the large and growing demand from writers—established and aspiring, in Canada and elsewhere—who are frustrated and disenchanted with the mainstream publishing industry. Many intelligent and creative writers who are producing beautiful work are nonetheless rejected by large publishers and literary agents because their work is not anticipated to sell in sufficient volume; and even those whose work is accepted earn meager royalties (7-12% of the retail price for paper books), and cede much creative control to publishers, who are typically unresponsive to writers’ concerns about the integrity of their art. Often writers can’t secure a publishing contract without employing an agent, whose fees cut into their earnings even further (typically by 15-20%). Writers go along with this because they think there are no better options. Sometimes they’re right. But we at Hyperborea are working hard to create a new publishing system that is profitable, fair to writers, and committed to producing intellectually and aesthetically powerful content.

Hyperborea is dedicated to publishing first-rate fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in the arts and humanities, while guaranteeing fair contracts and generous royalties for authors. Think of us as the fair-trade coffee of the publishing world—only the producers we work with are not salt-of-the-earth, basket-on-head farmers, but clever and talented (if occasionally moody and flighty) authors.

We’re new, small, smart, creative, politically incorrect, and openly contemptuous of authority. Personally, the only part of that that I want to change is the “small.” We’ve already begun receiving manuscripts of novels, novellas, short stories, and poems, and we are eager to gather more. This year, in addition to 5-10 novels, we are planning to publish an anthology of short stories and poems. In addition to soliciting manuscripts and promoting the company online, I hope to travel soon to visit with creative writing MFA students and writing groups across Canada, to meet up-and-coming writers and seek out great new work. We’re also looking to network with visual artists who may be interested in designing book covers in the near future; again, outside-the-box thinking and avant-garde style are appreciated here (and if this piqued your interest, be sure to stay tuned for details about our upcoming logo contest!).

This website (hyperboreapub.com) will be our online home. Though it’s sparse now, it will be filled with great content as we go along. Through this blog and various social media platforms, we will share information about our books as well as news, reviews, and commentary about literature, writing, publishing, and more!

Please help us get off to a great start by sharing this website etc. with your friends and family who may be interested, as writers or as readers. Like our Facebook page and bookmark our blog for updates. Submissions and inquiries can be sent to editor@hyperboreapub.com … don’t be shy! This is going to be an exciting and meaningful journey, and I humbly invite you—each of you—to be a part of it. Thank you.


Raphael W. Deketele, M.A.

CEO, Hyperborea Publishing