Hyperborea Publishing manuscript submission standards

Please adhere to these criteria when formatting your manuscripts for submission:

Please submit manuscripts in Word using standard margins, Georgia size 11 font, double spaced.

You can use either standard U.S.-style or standard Canadian-style spelling, but be consistent throughout your manuscript.

Leave only one space between sentences, not two.

            Ensure that paragraph indentations are made using the “tab” key, not by savagely pounding the space bar 5-8 times.

Use “double” not ‘single’ quotation marks for dialogue. Use single quotation marks only for “‘quotes’ within quotes.”

Ensure that quotation marks and commas appear properly: like “this” not like "this."

Use the Oxford comma.

Ensure that hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes are used properly and not interchanged.

Do not over-use italics.

Do not use ALL CAPS for titles, chapter headings, or sub-chapter headings. In fact, reconsider using chapter or sub-chapter headings in the first place—they’re usually not necessary.

Do not indent the first paragraph of a manuscript, chapter, or sub-chapter.

Please, do not conflate “that” and “which.”

Proofread your manuscript 2-3 times before submitting it. Every little detail counts, not only with us, but also with the reader!

Thank you. Remember: The easier the editor’s job, the more favourably he’ll view your manuscript, and the more likely he is to turn it into a bestselling book!